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All Souls’ Day

All Souls’ Day is Saturday, November 2, 2013     


All Souls’ Day

Memorial Candle

This 8” Candle is a unique idea for your parishioners that would like to remember their loved ones on All Souls’ Day. A memorial candle that can be easily personalized with a Sharpee Marker, label maker or computer label. We believe if you offer this idea in your parish bulletin that your parishioners would easily donate to have their loved one’s name on a candle used in the celebration of your All Souls’ Day Mass. Blessing and lighting their personalized candles will add a creative addition to All Souls’ Day. Perhaps the blessed candles could be left on the Altar or given to the parishioners after the Mass so they could enjoy them at home.

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One Prayer Card for Two Occasions!

All Saints’ Day Prayer Card and

All Soul’s Day Prayer Card

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All Souls’ Day Envelopes
White envelopes printed in black ink.
$14.00 per box of 100
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